About Us

New Dawn Baptist Church

New Dawn Baptist Church (NDBC or New Dawn) is a dynamic Christ-centered Church. Our ministry is life-centered rather than activity-centered. We believe in dynamic Christian worship as the fulcrum for daily life. We are committed to sound Biblical principles as the standard for living. We teach the Bible with versatility, revealing and applying Biblical truth to every area of life. We declare boldly the truth with conviction and passion. We hold it to be true that God would have every tongue, tribe, nation, and people worship Him without distinction. So, everyone is welcome here.


NDBC seeks to be a church where the Lordship of Jesus is established in the life of every individual, through Spirit-filled worship and life-transforming truth, manifesting in consistent faith-based lifestyle, leading to obvious godly witness, bringing about newness in the world around us.


Our mission is to:

  • Introduce everyone who comes in contact with NDBC to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Lordship
  • Be a church where every individual is equipped and encouraged to mature spiritually
  • Be a church that impacts lives within and outside the church
  • Be a church where resources are faithfully and effectively deployed for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ


New Dawn Baptist Church (NDBC or New Dawn), Victoria Island, Lagos began as a result of God’s leading in the heart of New Estate Baptist Church (NEBC), Surulere with the spiritual push of the General Secretary, Rev. Dr. S. Ademola Ishola and the active support of the Conference Secretary, Rev. Dr. S. O. Oke. The church had her first service on Sunday, 21 November 2004 at the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) Auditorium, Victoria Island. This first worship was attended by a nucleus of families, mainly from Ikoyi Home Fellowship, under the leadership of Dcn. Arc. Femi Frank Afolabi. Following, in December 2004, a series of outreach events in the Victoria Island environs brought several new members into the Church fold.

Despite challenges and seeming disappointments, in 2006, God provided our permanent location and raised the funds for its purchase through individuals, families, NEBC, the Lagos State Baptist Conference and the Nigerian Baptist Convention. Furthermore, as the Church grew, there was a corresponding need for Pastoral leadership. The Church

  • The Holy Spirit by whose illumination, conviction and regeneration mankind is brought to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ; His continuous work of sanctification in the lives of believers and their divine preservation into everlasting life; and His direction of the worship, ministry and administration of the Church.
  • The fall of mankind, consequent sinfulness, guilt and condemnation of all mankind; the free and perfect justification of all who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and their regeneration by the power of the Holy Spirit into adoption as children of God.
  • The resurrection of the body and the final judgment of all mankind; the eternal perfection and blessedness of the saved and the eternal punishment of the lost.
  • Marriage as a holy and honourable estate, instituted by God for companionship between man and woman, and for the procreation of children; and which shall be dissolved by death.
  • Monogamy as the ideal state of family life, according to the New Testament.
  • That homosexuality is not accepted as a practice.
  • The Priesthood of all Believers

We recognize the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord and the Head of the Church.

In all matters of doctrine and practice, in obedience to the will of God, we hold and adhere, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, to the Holy Bible as being God’s perfect revelation in Jesus Christ as the supreme and sufficient rule of faith and conduct.

The Church recognises the following ordinances:

  • Baptism (by total immersion in water)
  • The Lord’s Supper

Pastoral Ministry

The Pastoral Ministry consists of serving Pastors (“the Pastorate”) and serving Deacons (“the Diaconate”) who provide leadership for the Church. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Pastoral Ministry exercises special responsibility regarding the spiritual life and growth of the Church, by drawing up our spiritual objectives and action plans. Together, the Pastors and Deacons also provide oversight over the various Church ministries.

The church has two full-time Pastors (the Church Pastor and the Minister for the Hausa Ministry) and two Bi-Vocational Ministers. We also currently have nine serving Deacons. The Pastoral Ministry is led by the Church Pastor, Reverend Samson Aderinto Adedokun.

Reverend Samson Adedokun
Church Pastor

Samson Aderinto Adedokun has over a decade in full-time ministry, spanning church-based ministry to administrative ministry, and many years of service in volunteer and paid capacities as a student and worker. He was Personal Assistant to the erstwhile General Secretary of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Dr. Ademola Ishola, prior to accepting the call at New Dawn Baptist Church (NDBC or New Dawn). Amidst other leadership roles, he serves as Moderator, Shalom Baptist Association (SBA) and Chairman, Lagos Central Baptist Conference (LCBC). Pastor Adedokun is a regular Conference speaker, preacher, teacher, youth counsellor and love – relationship – and – marriage facilitator. Along with numerous published articles in multiple publications ranging from magazines to devotionals, he has authored several books. He holds a first degree in English and a Master of Divinity in Theology.

Born in Jos, north-central Nigeria, Samson is married to Bose and they have three delightful sons, AdeOgo, AdeIfe and AdeOtito. Together, they coordinate the works of Virgins Alive Network (VAN), a faith-based organization with emphasis on excellence and purity.